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WordPress Easy or Not

If your looking to start a new Business online and wanted to use WordPress, then you should read this first before you start.

Things you should know before choosing a Website Platform,


So you are here because somebody told you that WordPress was easy, and that you could build a Website Super easy and Fast with no experience.


Well here is the Truth and only the truth,

WordPress is not easy and has a huge learning curve, and if you already tried, and were overwhelmed with all the things you need just to start a WordPress website, then sit back and leave Website design to the pros.

Web Design is a serious business and should only be done by a professional Web Designer.

I have no idea, why some people think Web Design is easy, it is actually very hard to learn. Here are some of the things you need to know to become a professional Web Designer or work with WordPress.

  • Hosting
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Plugin’s
  • Custom Code
  • Graphic Design
  • And lots more

I will just say, there are many more things you must know, before you can start to build a WordPress Website. 

Web Design is just like any other serious business, it is also a multimillion dollar business, and if your thinking of trying to learn or just wanted find how it is done, then you will need to study for at least three years, and then learn all the code stuff for the next two years.

You could try to build a simple WordPress website,

But it will not be even close to a professional business website. 
Many people try and end up looking for someone who could build them a simple website, and then start to rethink the whole process of cheap or simple vs a real business website or shopping cart website design, that is set up to make real money.

So why does TV ads say it is so easy,

Just pay them 5 dollars or so and you can have a super nice Website, well not true, you will have a website but not a professional coded WordPress CMS Web Design. Lets take a look at this, what do you think a real business uses for their website, I am talking about a real business, not a mom and pop.

Any Real business, like Costco, Best buy, Shopping Cart online business,

Or any online website that make thousands of dollars, are not using a cheap website, they are using a custom coded php Website that cost thousands of dollars to build, and maintain by a full time admin.

What about WordPress for a real business online,

Many professional business are using WordPress, but are using a professional Web design company and Theme or Template for their business. Many shopping cart websites are using a custom WordPress website as well, with a full time admin person, just to run the every day task.

Also those super online stores that you see making lots of money, some are using WordPress and some are not using WordPress, they are using a custom coded php Web design. 

How long does it take to build a WordPress professional Web Design,

Well that is a very broad term, but I will say this, standard simple design, built by a professional web design company like our self’s, that does this every day, and has custom Themes or Template design, one day, but you will still need to add your own content and images, this type of Web design is know as Turnkey Theme or Template Design, we setup everything for you.

Now to build a Custom WordPress Website,

Like the ones that a professional business uses, about 40 hrs or more. We offer many Web design packages for you to choose from, and you can add all the customization you need, or just tell us what your looking for.

So the next time someone tells you that they can have a WordPress website built for $100.00 dollars, with all the high end options, you can say, not true, a professional Web design is based on the features and functions that are built into the Web design and WordPress Theme.

So there you have the truth, this is one hard business to learn.


If you need a WordPress Website, Choose our Turnkey Websites.

We have many Themes to choose from, or you may use our Business Theme and change things around to fit your needs.

 New Business Turnkey Websites, just add your content and images.

Turnkey Startup Package 4.0
Turnkey Startup Package 4.0

We Install New Business or Blog Startup Package

  • We will show you how easy it is to add text and images to your website,
    it is very similar to a word editor.
  • We host your Theme and Template for you
  • We send you, your login and Password for your new Website.
  • And we are done, now just add your content and images to your website.
  • Purchase Theme $69.95 Included
  • Dot com name, $19.95 Free Included
  • Install Your Logo Included
  • WordPress Security Plugin Installed
  • SEO Indexed Plugin Installed
  • Hosting $14.95 per month, Included in price
  • Install and Setup $99.00 One Time Fee, Included in price
  • Total Package Cost $183.90

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Price: $183.90
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