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Premium WordPress Themes Features

Welcome to our Premium WordPress Themes Features

We build our WordPress themes with the latest evolution in standards for better structured web pages, all our themes are quick loading, there is no lag time on page view, most themes will load 1 to three seconds, or even faster than that.

Custom Theme Options on our Control Panel
Turn Off Sidebars One or Two with one Click
Turn off Header with one Click or Change Image


Why Choose our Themes

  • All Themes are Multipurpose
  • Full Width Web Design, or Fixed Size
  • Entire Browser Window, Will Resize to Any Screen Size
  • Three column layout with Two Sidebars Turn off or on, your choice
  • Turn off Header on any page with one click
  • Full Width Slideshow on any Theme
  • We can change anything on our designs to fit your needs
  • Our themes are super fast in load times, 1 to 3 seconds or less
  • One click easy install, from WordPress
  • Built with Support for Mobile Devices, Responsive Web Design
  • We can change your design and customize your way for no charge well most of the time
  • All themes are built with new HTML5 and CSS3 and the latest evolution in standards for better structured web pages
  • Our themes have custom features on admin control panel
  • One click header image upload, on main site and changeable on every page
  • Fluid Website, Will Resize Automatic
  • Custom Sidebars, One or Two turn off or on
  • Custom Widgets on every theme
  • Optimize for SEO or search engine optimization
  • There much more, please see more information below.

 Wordpress Custom SlideShow Themes and Templates

Must have Features, we have them. 

  • So if your looking for speed on load times with no lag time, then our themes are for you.
  • When it comes to your web design concept and customization, our designer’s are the best at one offs.  
  • All our themes Support for Mobile Devices  and are Responsive Web Design
  • All our themes are Fluid Website, Full Width Web Design, Will Resize Automatic

If your looking for that must have custom design, you will find it on are samples, one column, two columns, three columns or magazine style, if you like a theme, and would like to add to the design, let us know and we will  change or add to your theme design.


Our WordPress Theme Options and Settings,
Easy Sidebar One or Two, Header Turn off or on


Theme Optionswidget-areas

  • Change Main Header Built in
  • Remove Header with one click
  • Header widget area
  • Header clickable land on any page
  • Change Header image on every page
  • Choose No Header
  • Fluid Website, Will Re size Automatic
  • Sidebar column one, on or off
  • Sidebar column two, on or off
  • Squeeze page Options, with no Header
  • 13 widget areas for affiliate ads
  • Arbitrary text or HTML widget for ads
  • Google Adsense short code built in for ads in post or page
  • Add any Affiliate ad to page, post or widget
  • And much more


All Custom Themes Built on Artisteer FrameWork

Artisteer has become the number one Framework for WordPress Web Design, we also use all other Premium Frameworks, but if your looking for custom design, Artisteer is the one to do it with. Our Designers have the skill to make customization to your web design concept. We only build our websites on  premium framework.

We offer many WordPress Self hosted themes, you may purchase any theme from us and host it on your own server, theme price are $24.95 for Premium Themes, or we can host it for you. We have custom themes for any business, all themes are built with HTML5 and CSS3.


Hosting Packages

  • Self Hosted WordPress Premium Themes $24.95 one time fee, download and install.
  • We Host on our server, 24.95 per month, with a $200.00 set up fee
  • Self Hosted, we set up everything up for you on your server, turn key $495.00 one time fee.


At Market Website Design, we specialize in, custom WordPress design, SEO Landing pages, and social media, and quick loading themes. We understand how important load times and search engine optimization are, everything is built for speed and SEO.

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