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Best way to have a busy list is, to make sure your website is super nice, and have a optin on sidebar with a free gift. Now the free gift must match your niche and be nice, not some cheap gift, and use a membership system to funnel to affiliate links, and auto responders‎.

Like I always say, never charge to join your membership, free and once there in, funnel to page where you have affiliate links, and bam you get a sale.

Key note, optin should be a membership optin, that saves email, and also adds them to list with auto responders, and have like 40 auto responders ready.

I never send out affiliate links to my list or inside my messages, in my auto responders, I always funnel them to the page where they can click on, a super nice page that is.

There is a trick to building a busy list, one is spend the time to write good content on messages that go out on auto responders, and offer more then one free gift, I offer many, just to get them inside the niche that I am working on. Send out free gift like every third message that goes out.

Ok hope this help you.

Thank you

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