Turnkey Websites

How To Pick a Niche


Try to sell something that you know about, use a custom Landing page, has to be super nice, if you want it to work right, now you have to lean all about IM and change things as you learn, this does not come easy, #2 said Flippa, is good to learn from, if you know what to look for.

Tip to use on getting starting, use only one niche on website, so one product and build site around this product only, now drive Free traffic to it, how, YouTube, Google+ , FB marketing, Twitter # tags SEO

Trick for fast SEO 800 word count, on page SEO WordPress Design only, + Keywords

YouTube Video done right, will bring in lots of traffic,

Add membership system to capture e mails from main Landing page, Free to join, then once inside you can upsell them to your product, so the Trick is, never charge them to join membership site, so they join for free and then funnel them to your product link, and bam your first sale,

Hope this helps you, have fun with it.
Thanks MWD

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