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How it Works

Things to know when choosing a Website for your Business,


Now days you can find Turnkey and Niche websites just about anywhere

So where do you start, well here is how it really works. Many people choose Turnkey websites because they are trying to save money, that is fine but every website company builds their websites different from the next guy. So here is a little information on how we do things.


Now a Professional Website for your Business Cost

About $3,000 to $5,000 this it what is called a one off, custom website built for you. So you may be asking, how do we build our Turnkey websites, or do we use cheap products on design. The answer is no, Just because they are labeled Turnkey or Niche websites, we use the same products and design as our custom one off websites.


So what the difference between a Turnkey Websites or Niche Site

A custom one off website design, is built the way you want it from the the start, from layout style, color palette, design options, content, seo, and much moreOur Turnkey websites have everything setup for you, and have been design for a specific niche design, we also use the same framework, and custom plugins as our custom websites.

So there is no difference in the products or quality in our Turnkey websites. This just makes it much easier for you in getting started with your website design.


So you can change Anything on your Turnkey Website

When you feel ready to change things on your website, just edit, in the mean time, it will have the look and feel of a established website. The layout style, color palette, can be changed with one click, Also design options, content, can be changed super easy from your editor. And you can add seo or search engine optimization on your own.


Turnkey Myth’s, Content must be changed for Search Engine to Indexed it

Type of content we use is, PLR and we write some of our own content, PLR content is referred to as Private Label Rights, or white label, this type of content is only used for place holder, it is real content, but it will not be indexed by search engines, unless you change things around, or what we call spin on the content. So there is no Myth, just add unique content and your done.


Turnkey Unique Content

Now if the content was written by us, then there is no need to change it, this is referred to as unique content and will be indexed by search engines. When choosing a Turnkey website from us, always ask us if it was built with PLR content or unique.


When choosing a web design company, for your Business

It is best to ask what they offer besides the Turnkey website. It makes no sense to work with many companies, just to accomplish the most common things needed in getting your Turnkey website niche up and running.


We offer many Services for your online Business

Everything under one roof, here is some of the things that we offer, hosting, logo design, seo or search engine optimization, social media marketing, business start up package, lead generation capture, auto responders, shopping cart design, Amazon store sites, membership design and much more.

We guarantee our Turnkey Niche Websites hosted by us, for 60 days or full Refund, 

We have over Twenty Years Experience Building Websites and Graphic Design. 




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