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How can I get 1000 visitors per day


Ok lets start here, you need to learn a lot about IM marketing, to get this right,

This is not a hobbie, this is a real business, so you have to work at this just like you would with any other business or even harder.

I have seen lots of people who think this is some easy thing to do, or get rich quick thing, just to find out they fail after 2 months. Most pros who make a living at IM marketing, have been doing this for a long time, years, like myself, I starting 20 years ago, and yes I make money, but it did not come easy.

You will find that many pros work 10 hr days, for years, just saying.


Number one is, Design of Website, and niche, has to be done right, then learn marketing, social media, SEO, is very important, and understand all the tools that we use every day.

Then after you get to know, what this is all about, traffic will come,

Work hard, and they will come, Thousands !!

Thank you

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