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Ok I always get asked about how I did that or what Theme or plugin was that,

Will here is my list of affiliate products I use. If you do purchase from one of my affiliates below, I will answer questions on how to or how I did that, if it was used on my blog. 

I only recommend products that I use on my blog or websites that I have built.  I do update my list of products, and are adding more, so please check from time to time. For more in depth review on products please check my products page list.

I have listed all my recommend affiliate products, in easy to find category list.

Thank you
Rob Pro Bloggeraffiliate-products

Hosting Bluehost Only
I just wanted to let you know, that I use Bluehost for all my Hosting and websites,
they also offer free SSL, and great deals for started out.


WordPress Install Service


WordPress Themes

Amazon Theme

Premium Themes

Custom Theme Design

Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

SEO Search Engine Optimization


Long Tail Pro

Graphics Image Pack

Graphics For Blog and Website Design

Custom Logo Design

Video Recording And Screen Capture Software


ebook  and ebook Cover Creator


Landing Pages

Instabuilder 2.0 

Membership Plugins

WP eMember

Shopping Cart

WP estore

Facebook Marketing On Complete Autopilot

Facebook Graphic Cover Design

Facebook Auto posting software

Facebook Training Tutorials

Twitter On Complete Autopilot

WP Tweet Machine 



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Join My VIP List Mon, 14 Aug 2017 20:28:52 +0000 Hello Everyone,

Please Download My Free ebook, 

You will Receive my ebook Mini Course on How To Start a Blog
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Website Types Sat, 12 Aug 2017 21:42:23 +0000 See our Work, Live Websites

E Commerce, Membership Website Design

Internet marketing must have, if your looking for that custom Membership website with all the must have features and lead capture, then we can help you.

We can setup a members only section, block content, must join to view, auto responders, registration Page, email auto sent, payment gateway and many more custom features.

Starting Price From $895.00
Contact us for more Info 

E Commerce, Shopping Cart Website Design
If you have your own products to sell and wanted a custom store design, and easy to setup, well we can design it for you.

We specialize in custom shopping cart design, with all the best features. You can sell hundreds of products from your WordPress website, and have full control of inventory and store management.

Starting Price From $695.00
Contact us for more Info 

Personal Blog Website Design, with e commerce

Looking for that custom blog design with all the cool stuff, we offer many design to choose from.

Ask me Blog or that custom one off design that you always wanted to Sell your products.


Starting Price From $695.00
Contact us for more Info 

e commerce Amazon Store Niche Website amazon-stores

You may choose standard Amazon Store or Automated Auto Blog Robot System. Both designs have thousands of products that will be available.

Just choose your favorite niche products to sell.

Starting Price From $695.00
Contact us for more Info 

Please note that WordPress and Shopify platform have a learning curve, you must add your own content and images. We help you with design, concept, functions, layout, theme and best products to use, but content has to be original from you. We offer many options for setting up your e Commerce website or blog, If this sounds like to much work for you,

Just ask us, what the best option is for you.
Contact us for more Info 

Video Creation Services Sun, 06 Aug 2017 17:20:10 +0000 Welcome To Our Video Creation Services,

We offer many types of videos to choose from, from a simple business Promotion Video to a custom YouTube marketing video, just let us know what you have in mind, and we will build it for you.

We offer full, YouTube Video Creation Service, Just tell us what your looking for.

If you asking yourself why should I have a video, well lets just say, video for 2017 is the number one marketing tool at the moment and is also YouTube is own by Google. So don’t worry, if you camera shy, we got you covered with our custom animated videos.

We also offer custom YouTube Thumbnails, you can see a few samples below on videos, this is a must for getting traffic and clicks.

Click on Video samples below, and look over our many video types we offer.

Use your own video that you have filmed, we will edit all video footage for you custom video
Types of video creation we can do.
Custom Video YouTube Thumbnails $25.00
Standard Videos Starting at  $199.00
Custom Business Videos Starting at $399.00 on up

  • Product Promotion Videos
  • Animated character videos
  • YouTube Video Creation Service
  • Affiliate Marketing Videos
  • Any Type of YouTube video
  • Intro Videos
  • Amazon Product Review Videos
  • Business Presentation Style Videos
  • Just ask us we do it all
  • Intro Videos
  • YouTube Thumbnails
  • Amazon Product Review Videos
  • Business Presentation Style Videos
  • Just ask us we do it all


Sample For Marketing Agency Business

Sample Video: For House Cleaning Real Live Site

Sample Video: For Dating  Business

Sample Video: For Mobile Business


WordPress Web Design Business Package Wed, 02 Aug 2017 01:45:34 +0000 WordPress Web Design Business Package

Starting a new business online, and not sure were to turn or what to do, well we can help you with our WordPress Branded Website Business Package, we include everything to get you started with your Business online presence.

We know how tough things can be online, Website Design, Social media marketing, hosting and more.

When starting a business online, you need five major things,

  • Read more. 
    TurnKey WordPress Branded Website Business Package

We Setup Everything For you including Social Media

If your thinking of Starting a New Online Business

 Professional Branded web design with social media

Our WordPress Web Design Business Package, is design to match your business model and is Branded to match all social media. If your still just handing out business cards and hoping this will get you noticed, but now finding out, this is not working and your ready for a change. OK great, let see the facts first, 99% percent of clients find what there looking for online or on social media, and you will gain there trust by having a professional online presence. 

What we offer in our web design business package

WordPress web design, Built in blog, add pages with one click, create your own text and images, shopping cart, and access to your own admin control panel, cms style. You will also have your social media package, just add content images and post as you wish on your social media platforms. We offer full video training, on all platforms. On start up, we will add 5 pages, you will need to provide us with the content and images for each page, we will also format each page. You will be able to add as many pages as you need at anytime. All social media will be integrated with your website by link or app, your customers and new clients will be very impressed with your custom designs on all platforms. See live samples below, click on links.

See Live Samples Here, Click on Links.

Ok now that you have seen our work and custom designs on all platforms
You are probably saying, wow I never seen a Facebook business page look like that, or wow that Twitter Business page looks like a website, how did they do that, I just read your mind.

Ok at MWD design, we specialize in custom web designs and social media
And lets not forget about graphic design, your image is everything, no pun intended, well A picture is worth a thousand words, and graphic design is king. If your images are bad or not optimized to fit the area they are intended for, then your Web design and Social media will not work period.

Why use us for your Business web design and social media
We specialize in online marketing, Lead capture design, Custom WordPress design, Custom Social media design, Social media marketing, SEO services, Custom Graphic design,  we do this for a living, we do this every day, not once a year, and many more things for online marketing. 

 What we will need to get you started is your logo and images, to install on your design

Don’t worry if you do not have a logo or images, we can create a logo and add images for you, just ask us for logo design studio,we can also provide  image package if needed. Logo and images package is not including in this package, or seo or search engine optimization.  

SEO Service or search engine optimization.  
We can guarantee first page placement with our seo service, and you only pay us when you rank. This service is not including in this package, please ask us about upgrades and seo. 

What makes a good web design, Marketing, Website, Design,  wait that’s in our name,
OK we have over Twenty years experience. 


 Features Included: 

  • Turn Key Website Business Package 
  • Includes Social Networking 
  • Theme + Hosting System 5.0
  • Theme + Hosted for one Year 
  • We Setup Everything 
  • Design Consultation
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Google + Business Page
  • Twitter Business Page
  • YouTube Business Page
  • Your Text & custom logo
  • Just add your content and Images


    • 3 contact forms
    • Premium Theme Design
    • Plugins Installed
    • Shopping Cart, E Commerce
    • Basic SEO Optimization
    • Include dot com name
    • Social Networking Links
    • YouTube on page or Links
    • Voice Audio your mp3
    • Price $1.495.00
    • Hosting package $24.95 per month

To Get Started we will need a few things from you,

Please send your images you would like us to use on your Design, we only allow one profile picture, one header image or cover image, and three home pages images, you can add as many images to your design after we have finished your theme and setup.

For questions on your design, please ask in form below.

Please Purchase and Fill out Form to get Started

WordPress Web Design Business Package
WordPress Web Design Business Package
After Purchase please fill out form below
Price: $1,495.00



Social Media Marketing Tue, 01 Aug 2017 18:36:45 +0000 Welcome to our Social Media Marketing Design

If your starting a new business or just wanted help in social media design, then choose one of our social media packages for, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+ All social media packages come with custom cover design, setup all links and settings, and we even post content and videos, from your website to all platforms, content is 5 to 10 per platform.

All social media designs are Branded to match your website and design.

Social media marketing agency custom design


Please look over social media packages.

Facebook Business page, IncludesFacebook Custom Business Page Design

  • Create Facebook Business page
  • Custom cover image
  • Custom profile image
  • Setup all setting and links
  • Setup about page
  • Setup description
  • Add post to timeline 10 max
  • Add 3 videos from your website
  • Check all setting for best SEO performance
  • $199.00 Single Purchase 
  • Save Business Package $750.00 All Five

Twitter Business page, IncludesCustom Twitter Business Page Design

  • Create Twitter Business page
  • Custom cover image
  • Custom profile image
  • Setup all setting and links
  • Setup about page
  • Setup description
  • Add post to timeline 10 max
  • Add 3 videos from your website
  • Check all setting for best SEO performance
  • $199.00 Single Purchase 
  • Save Business Package $750.00 All Five

Linkedin Business page, IncludesLinkedin Custom social media design

  • Create Linkedin Business page
  • Custom cover image
  • Custom profile image
  • Setup all setting and links
  • Setup about page
  • Setup description
  • Add post to timeline 10 max
  • Add 3 videos from your website
  • Check all setting for best SEO performance
  • $199.00 Single Purchase 
  • Save Business Package $750.00 All Five

YouTube Channel, IncludesCustom YouTube Channel Design for Social Media Marketing

  • Create YouTube Channel
  • Custom cover image
  • Custom profile image
  • Setup all setting and links
  • Setup about page
  • Setup description
  • Add welcome video, must have video ready
  • Add your videos,
  • 10 max, must have videos ready
  • Check all setting for best SEO performance
  • $199.00 Single Purchase 
  • Save Business Package $750.00 All Five

Google + Business page, IncludesSocial media marketing Google+ business page design

  • Create Google + business page
  • Custom cover image
  • Custom profile image
  • Setup all setting and links
  • Setup about page
  • Setup description
  • Link to YouTube page
  • Integrate with your YouTube channel
  • Check all setting for best SEO performance
  • $199.00 Single Purchase 
  • Save Business Package $750.00 All Five

Please contact us for all your social media marketing agency needs.

ebook List Building Package Fri, 07 Apr 2017 21:41:39 +0000 ebook List Building Package, From Your Existing Post or Page

If you have always wanted an ebook but never had the time or just was not sure how to start, well we offer a complete ebook and list building package, we include everything you need, there is no need to write to a singe word, let us use what you have already wrote, sounds easy right.

How it works

All we need is your page or post url, link, that is it, and we build the rest for you. This complete list building package includes, ebook design, up to 20 pages, with custom 3d image, widget image design, for website download. ebooks are one of the best ways to build a list and customers. This is a complete 3 piece package.

See Sample of ebook and Widget.

ebook List building Package Design Information 

  • We allow one main logo for top header on ebook design, and one image in center of ebook body
  • Text under main logo as you see in sample ebook cover
  • Text under main center image as you see in sample ebook cover
  • Footer text as you see in sample ebook cover
  • We will match colors from website, on banner cover strips and footer
  • Color of ebook cover, white with banner strip color from your website
  • Widget color, will match ebook
  • You can send us exact color hex if you need to
  • We will send two proofs, from your ebook design to confirm
  • Please allow 5 to 7  business days to complete design, turn around might be sooner, depends on how many designs we already have in our system.

Please Complete Form, Then Click on ebook Purchase at Bottom of Page. 

ebook List Building Package
  • Post or page content up to 20 pages
  • Custom 3d cover image
  • Custom 3d image for download page
  • Custom list building widget image
  • We match your colors from website
  • PDF Format


TurnKey Shopping Cart Theme 5.0 Fri, 26 Aug 2016 18:27:10 +0000 Turnkey Shopping Cart e Commerce Store,
No Hosting included on this package

We set up everything for you, this package is ready to go, just start adding your products,

  • WordPress Website
  • Shopping Cart installed 
  • Amazon Store installed 
  • Affiliates Products installed 3WordPress e commerce, Shopping Cart Design

Please look over product package list below.

If your looking to set up an e commerce store, and are finding out how much is involved, well we can help you get started.Sample of Turnkey Shopping Cart Store, Click Here

TurnKey Theme No Hosting 5.0
TurnKey Theme No Hosting 5.0
  • Turnkey Theme installed on your hosting company
  • We Setup Everything 
  • Design Consultation
  • Your Text & custom logo
  • We add five pages of your content
  • Just add you content and Images
  • 1 contact forms
  • Premium Theme Design
  • 5 Plugins Installed
  • Shopping Cart Installed
  • Shopping Cart, E Commerce
  • Basic SEO Optimization
  • Social Networking Links
  • 1 Youtube on page or Links
  • 1 Voice Audio your mp3
  • Price $695.00

Computer-Store-Theme-4138 Fri, 20 Nov 2015 18:47:53 +0000 computer-theme

See Demo Click Here

Change Layout on Every Page, With one click 


Theme Options and 13 Widgets Built in to Theme


Theme Options

Computer Store Theme 4138
Mobile Responsive Design
Change Layout on page
Theme options on page
Change Logo one click
RightSide Sidebar
Sidebar off or on
Membership Ready
Shopping Cart Ready
Fluid Design, Will Resize Automatic
13 widget areas locations
Multipurpose Business Theme
Left Side Logo
Logo Size 71 x 71
Slideshow built in to code or use Meta Slider Plugin
We Install Meta Slider plugin for you
Please watch slideshow video
Smart Code for Fast Loading
Optimize for SEO
E Commerce Ready
Slideshow Built in to code, no plugin needed
Easy CSS customization
Short Code System
Need Customization, let us know



Sale Price $69.95

Have Questions Before you Purchase Click Here 

Computer Store Theme 4138
Multipurpose or Shopping Theme can be used for any e commerce store



Add On Packages

Hosting Package 3.0
Hosting Package 3.0

Hosting only Available for our Themes and Templates 

  • Hosting Website Package 3.0
  • For one website
  • For one Domain
  • 3 email accounts
  • $14.95 per month
Price: $14.95
Choose Theme and Enter Theme Name Below:
Turnkey Startup Package 4.0
Turnkey Startup Package 4.0

We Install New Business or Blog Startup Package

  • We will show you how easy it is to add text and images to your website,
    it is very similar to a word editor.
  • We host your Theme and Template for you
  • We send you, your login and Password for your new Website.
  • And we are done, now just add your content and images to your website.
  • Purchase Theme $69.95 Included
  • Dot com name, $19.95 Free Included
  • Install Your Logo Included
  • WordPress Security Plugin Installed
  • SEO Indexed Plugin Installed
  • Hosting $14.95 per month, Included in price
  • Install and Setup $99.00 One Time Fee, Included in price
  • Total Package Cost $183.90

    Read More 

Price: $183.90
Choose Theme and Enter Theme Name Below:

Instant Download Even at 3:am

All Major Credit Cards and PayPal Are Accepted

Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

Squeeze Page or Full Website Thu, 17 Sep 2015 04:16:30 +0000 Hello,
Ok to do this right, you will need both, and for a list you will need to offer something good, so you can start small, with a super nice landing page, then later funnel them to up sell and land on main website or land on Facebook landing page. Your list will work, you just need to offer the right stuff.

I think you need more info on how to build a list, nothing is easy here, PM me for more info on this.
Thank you