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Theme Options and Custom SlideShows for any MultiPurpose Theme

What is a Multipurpose Theme, Pick any Theme and we Customize it to fit your Needs, No Charge

If you like the look and feel of one of our Themes, but wish you could make some changes, will we can change it for you, please see our Theme Customization Design Studio

We change images, colors, fonts size, sheet width, Header Design, Header Size, Fixed Width design or Full width Design, Transparency, slideshows, include two Sidebars on Theme design, and you can turn sidebars off with click, Header control, change with one click and many more features.

  • Here are a Few of the must have Features from our Themes and Templates
  • We have the options you need and we customize any Theme your way, Just ask us
  • Have us build a Custom Theme for you, Free Logo Install on all Themes and Templates

Wordpress Full Width Slide Shows   Wordpress Header Full Width Slide Show
                                                                   See Slideshow Live Demo

Slideshow Full Header Width Design, Post or Page Slideshow and Widget Slide Show

  • SlideShow are Available for any Multi Purpose Theme
  • Full Width Header SlideShow Design
  • SlideShow has many options, change to slide, fade, speed size and much more
  • Entire Browser Window, Will Resize to Any Screen Size

 Wordpress Themes with Two Sidebars, Turn off or on    Wordpress Theme Options, Turn sidebars off or on

Easy Sidebar Control, you can Turn off or On at any time with one Click

  • Turn sidebars on or off right from page control options
  • Turn off Header from page control options on any page and change header image on every page
  • Turn off title on any page
  • We have over Fifty options, on our main options section

 Change Theme Layout on every page with one clickchange-layout--sidebars-on-or-off-576-122

 Wordpress Widgets with Custom Header Widget, Turn off or on    Wordpress Thirteen Widget Areas on Every Theme

We have thirteen widgets on every theme, you can customize your theme your way

  • Easy Header Widget, change your main Image with one click
  • Easy Sidebars widget, for sidebar one and sidebar Two
  • Navigation widgets for menu
  • Four Footer widgets for you to customize and style

 Wordpress Widgets with Custom Header Widget, Turn off or on    Wordpress Change Full Header Image or Small Image

Easy Header Image, change your Image or turn off Header with one click

  • Change Header Image with one click or logo
  • Change Header Image on every page, with one click
  • Turn off Header on any page, with one click
  • Easy Main Header Widget override

 Wordpress Easy Footer Text, Change with one click    Wordpress Easy Footer Override Text Content

Easy Footer Text, Now you can change your Footer right from the Control Panel

  • Our Theme options section has over fifty options to choose from
  • Change post Settings
  • Thumbnail height
  • Excerpt Settings
  • Comments Settings

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