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Facebook Timeline Design Studio

Facebook Timeline Design Studio

Please follow Step one to Three in the Design form, please note, Timeline Cover Colors can not be changed, our colors have been set to match Facebook color palette. After you fill out our design form, you will be redirected to choose your payment options, for Facebook Timeline Design System, or Facebook Timeline Design Turn Key, our Full install system. 

Please allow 72 hrs for your design to be completed, our designers will e mail your designs for upload.

Most of the time we can finish your design in less then 24 hrs , average in queue 5 to 10 at one time, design time as of today is less then 24hrs.

  Please Read Characters Per Input Box in Red, Form will not exceed text characters.

 Step One Timeline Design Cover
 Step Two Tab Buttons Design
 Step Three Fan Gate Design

Your Name (required)

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Facebook URL (Only For Turn Key System)

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Upload One Images For Timeline Profile Pic

Upload One Images For Timeline Cover Pic

Choose Font Style (required)

Choose Timeline Design System (required)

Step One Timeline Cover Design

# 1 Header Text Left Line One

# 2 Header Text Left Line Two

# 3 Header Text Right Line One

# 4 Header Text Right Line Two

# 5 Body Text Center Line One

# 6 Body Text Center Line Two

# 7 Body Text Center Line three

# 8 Body Text Center Line Four

# 9 Display Name Profile

# 10 Footer Text One Line

Step Two Tab Buttons Design

# 11 Tab Button One (required)

# 12 Tab Button Two (required)

# 13 Tab Button Three (required)

# 14 Tab Button Four (required)

# 15 Tab Button five (required)

# 16 Tab Button Six (required)

# 17 Tab Button Seven (required)

# 18 Tab Button Eight (required)

Step Three Fan Gate Like Design

# 19 Fan Gate Like Image Line One

# 20 Fan Gate Like Image Line Two

# 21 Fan Gate Like Image Line Three

Questions on your Design

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