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ebook List Building Package

ebook List Building Package, From Your Existing Post or Page

If you have always wanted an ebook but never had the time or just was not sure how to start, well we offer a complete ebook and list building package, we include everything you need, there is no need to write to a singe word, let us use what you have already wrote, sounds easy right.

How it works

All we need is your page or post url, link, that is it, and we build the rest for you. This complete list building package includes, ebook design, up to 20 pages, with custom 3d image, widget image design, for website download. ebooks are one of the best ways to build a list and customers. This is a complete 3 piece package.

See Sample of ebook and Widget.

ebook List building Package Design Information 

  • We allow one main logo for top header on ebook design, and one image in center of ebook body
  • Text under main logo as you see in sample ebook cover
  • Text under main center image as you see in sample ebook cover
  • Footer text as you see in sample ebook cover
  • We will match colors from website, on banner cover strips and footer
  • Color of ebook cover, white with banner strip color from your website
  • Widget color, will match ebook
  • You can send us exact color hex if you need to
  • We will send two proofs, from your ebook design to confirm
  • Please allow 5 to 7  business days to complete design, turn around might be sooner, depends on how many designs we already have in our system.

Please Complete Form, Then Click on ebook Purchase at Bottom of Page. 

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Enter Text For Top banner Strip on Cover (required)

Enter Text For Under Center Image on Cover (required)

Enter Footer Text ebook Author Name Only (required)

Enter Footer Text Domain Name Only (required)

We will add these two things for you, next to your domain on footer

Copyright logo will be on footer next to your domain name
All RIGHTS RESERVED will be under your Domain name in Footer

Questions on your ebook Design

Upload main logo and one Image, for Cover design, and URL Links For ebook Design

Upload Your Logo For Cover Design

Upload One Image For Cover Design

Upload One URL Link For ebook

Upload One URL Link For ebook

Fill in Answer

ebook List Building Package
Please visit Page for more information, Click Here 
  • Post or page content up to 20 pages
  • Custom 3d cover image
  • Custom 3d image for download page
  • Custom list building widget image
  • We match your colors from website
  • PDF Format


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