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Squeeze Page or Full Website

Hello, Ok to do this right, you will need both, and for a list you will need to offer something good, so you can start small, with a super nice landing page, then later funnel them to up sell and land on main website or land on Facebook landing page. Your list will work, you […]

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List Building Tips

Hello, Best way to have a busy list is, to make sure your website is super nice, and have a optin on sidebar with a free gift. Now the free gift must match your niche and be nice, not some cheap gift, and use a membership system to funnel to affiliate links, and auto responders‎. […]

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How To Pick a Niche

Hello, Try to sell something that you know about, use a custom Landing page, has to be super nice, if you want it to work right, now you have to lean all about IM and change things as you learn, this does not come easy, #2 said Flippa, is good to learn from, if you […]

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Affiliate Products Not Selling

Hello, Ok here is what you should do and check first, Make sure your Landing page for affiliate product, is the only product on this landing page, only build your landing page around one product. Landing and sales page must be super nice, if your not building a pro like page, then it will not […]

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Why My WebSite slow

Hello, Ok making your website faster is done by doing a few things before you let the cache try to fix things.When you just add a speed cache, and have not cleaned up your site, well it just never works right.Please read before you install your speed cache. Things to check and do. .Optimize all […]

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