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Affiliate Products Not Selling


Ok here is what you should do and check first,

Make sure your Landing page for affiliate product, is the only product on this landing page, only build your landing page around one product. Landing and sales page must be super nice, if your not building a pro like page, then it will not work, so I am assuming your page is nice.

You need to offer a super nice free gift for them to download first, then funnel to main product, you can do this by using a membership system, never charge them to join your membership, always free, once there are inside your website, you can funnel them to the page that will have links to affiliate products, and if the product is super nice, then it will sell, if product is not, then this will not work.

For free traffic, use YouTube, must be done right, SEO and links to product, custom screen annotations on screen.

.The trick to selling lots of affiliate products is

.Super nice Theme or Landing page
.5 landing pages for one product
.Marketing it all over the place
.Membership system
.Complete mini website built around one product
.On page master SEO service
.Video done right
.The right product
.Sell your own product after you learn, make more money
.Offer free gift first, capture email for list at same time
.Always use membership system on funnel

Now split test until you get it right,

Also this is not easy to learn IM marketing, takes time, and the truth is,
the only people making real money are real pros, with many websites, average pro has over 30 sites running all the time, or more.

So ask yourself, are you a pro, if not, then become one.

Ok hope this help you.

Thanks Rob.

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