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Affiliate Disclaimer

Many of links and products on this website are affiliate links

And if you purchase from any products that we have in our blog, I will receive a commission. I spend many hrs on the internet and love to teach about the latest and best products on the market.

So if your checking out pages, post and links on my site,

And click on one to purchase, I will receive a commission on that sale. We always like to be very clear on how affiliate marketing works,  an affiliate advertising program, are designed for the website to make money, many websites need affiliate commissions to keep their site online and pay themselves something for working long hrs.

Reviews on affiliate products

Affiliate product reviews, will have affiliate links, or images, for you to click on and purchase. 
MarketWebsiteDesign.com or SmartProfitmoney,com will be paid a commission for that purchase. We also only advertise affiliate product’s that we know very well and have purchase many our self’s.

Thank you


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